A Workroom, At Last!

For 23 years I’ve worked mainly in my kitchen, sitting room, attic room and when I first started out in my bedroom. I’ve never had a designated area solely for work- a space where I could close the door, leaving everything in situ ready for my next creative stint.

So, this year I finally decided to take action. I was sick of hauling equipment in and out of cupboards, cooking amongst paints and fabrics, eating supper with a sewing machine as a centre piece and using my bedroom as a place to store bubble wrapped paintings.

I’ve moved my son up to the attic room (with sea views) and I’ve transformed his old bedroom into my new space. It fits all my criteria, light, bright, enough room for storage, space for my sewing machine to be permanently poised for action and a separate table for designing and painting.

Here it is! And I love it.image1-5image4-2image5-2image3-4image2-5

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